Knee-Friendly Cardio 40 Minute LOW IMPACT Workout Burn 400 Calories

Knee Friendly Cardio HIIT, 40 Minute LOW IMPACT Workout 😅 Burn 400 Calories

Got bad knees? Then this is the LOW IMPACT, knee friendly CARDIO HIIT workout you’re looking for!

The FAST FACTS: Level FOUR | ALL standing, NO jumping, NO equipment, NO squatting | BURN 400 calories

Got bad knees?  Then this is the LOW IMPACT, knee friendly CARDIO HIIT workout you're looking for!  We're going high intensity and torching 400 calories.

We’re going high intensity with generous intervals through two circuits of FUN, all standing cardio exercises. Along the way, we’re torching about 400 calories without squatting, getting down on the ground or jumping!

But, oh, boy, are we going to sweat!

And while we’re sweating, we’re going to chat about the best way to strengthen your knees for a lifetime of healthy workouts.

This full cardio class includes a warm up and a cool down for a total body workout. Enjoy this as a barefoot exercise class if you’d like to improve your balance and functional fitness, too!

Check out the list of exercises below, then follow along with me in real time with the full length workout.

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HIIT timer is set for intervals of 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest; complete each cardio circuit twice

Arm Circles with High Knees
Arm Crossers with Booty Kickers
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Circuit 1:
High Hand Kicks
Letter Ks
Double Knees
Reach Across Taps
Forward Hinge Arm Flappers
High Knee Punches
Reach Down Switch Foot
Middle Skips
Drinky Bird Jacks
Starburst Side Steps

Circuit 2:
Kick Jacks
Windmill Tappers
Rainbow Kicks
Ceiling Touches with Back Taps
Twisting Kicks
Big Circle Side Kicks
Toy Soldiers
Big Swing Back Taps
Booty Kicker Jacks
High Hand Oblique Crunches

Crane Kicks



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