LOW IMPACT MetCon | No Jumping CARDIO + DUMBBELL Strength Workout for Effective FULL BODY Toning

Funny story:  when I first started making videos for YouTube, I didn’t really have a “creative vision” of the sorts of workouts I might post.  My first few (dozen) workout videos were kind of a hodge-podge of different styles and ideas, and that vision dried up pretty quickly!  So I went in search of other YouTubers to see what sorts of workouts they were posting and I came across a video that had Low Impact and Quiet Cardio in the title.  I had never heard that phrase before.

Now, of course I was familiar with low impact exercises – I had a personal training client who was suffering from a terrible bout of plantar fasciitis, so I had been designing low impact workouts for her for months.  It’s just that I had called them “no jumping” workouts in my mind.  I do that a lot, by the way – call things by my own weird names rather than looking up the technical terms for them.  🙂

I decided on the spot that I was more than capable of designing a good sweaty workout that didn’t require any jumping, so I filmed one that day and posted it immediately.  Well, lo(w impact) and behold, that little video turned into my most popular post of all time.  (I would give you a link to it, but honestly, I was SO self-conscious in front of the camera that it’s really painful to watch and I sort of wish I could delete it except that it’s still really popular.)  And, in fact, of my Top Ten most popular posts, FIVE of them are Low Impact!

So, I’m going to keep challenging myself to give you guys super sweaty workouts that are kind to your knees and your downstairs neighbors, and here’s the latest one.  Below, you’ll find the full length follow along video – don’t be shy about asking questions or leaving comments!  🙂

LOW IMPACT MetCon CARDIO Without Jumping + Body-Shaping DUMBBELL STRENGTH Workout Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

LOW IMPACT MetCon | No Jumping CARDIO + DUMBBELL Strength Workout for Effective FULL BODY Toning

You’ll need one pair of dumbbells for this workout.  Set your timer for one minute intervals.  Perform the cardio exercise for one minute, and the strength exercise for 10 reps.  Complete the circuit 3x.

  • Mountain Walkers (cardio) + Chest Presses (strength)
  • Rockettes (cardio) + Lat Pullover and Crunch (strength)
  • Goofy Jacks (cardio) + Goblet Squats (strength)
  • Walking Burpees (cardio) + Deadlifts (strength)
  • Flying Fast Ups (cardio – do 1 minute on each leg) + Renegade Rows (strength)

Finisher:  1 minute Drinky Bird Hold on each leg (no rest between)

Here’s the full length follow along video.  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/kytNXNwG8oA


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