Changing Your Mindset - Mindset Masterclass Day 2

Mindset Masterclass
Day 2

Hello again, my dear friends, and here we go with Day TWO of the Mindset MASTERCLASS!  (If you missed Day ONE, no worries!  Click here to catch up.)

Today we’re digging deeper into finding our THOUGHTS by asking ourselves a question (my favorite mindset ninja trick!), and you’re absolutely right that this activity is very similar to yesterday’s! Let me tell you a secret about mastering your mindset: there’s really only two parts to it – recognizing your THOUGHTS and deciding if they’re helpful. That’s it!

But the thing about THOUGHTS? They’re kinda sneaky!

They sound like FACTS in our heads. We think they’re true. We think they’re real. We believe them and we give them power.

But they’re just THOUGHTS.

So, let’s find ’em!

STEP ONE: Watch this quick video (like yesterday’s it’s just 3 minutes long) about the most efficient way to find your THOUGHTS. (If you can’t see the video below, you can watch it here).

STEP TWO: Grab your preferred writing tools and make a list of categories you’d like to explore about your goal. For example, if your goal is weight loss, the categories might be things like “eating,” “counting calories,” “weighing myself,” “my goal weight,” etc.

STEP THREE: Ask yourself “What do I think about ___________?” and fill in the blank with a very specific topic in one of the categories you listed above. For example, under the category of “counting calories,” you might ask yourself “What do I think about switching from points to calories?” or “What do I think about my daily calorie target?” The more focused your question is, the better.

Now, I know you’re eager to DO SOMETHING with these thoughts – we all are! – and that’s what we’re getting to next.