Mindset Masterclass Day 4 - Pahla B Fitness

Mindset Masterclass
Day 4

Let’s jump right into it today, because I know you’re eager to see where we’re going with these THOUGHTS and FEELINGS we’ve been uncovering, so today let’s explore the connection between your FEELINGS and your ACTIONS. And let me be clear: your FEELINGS *always* drive your ACTIONS (even when we think we’re making a really logical decision!).

STEP ONE: Watch this video! You knew that. 🙂 It’s about 4 1/2 minutes and if you don’t see it below, you can watch it here.

STEP TWO: Still working from the list of THOUGHTS we created on Day 2, and the FEELINGS we uncovered on Day 3, ask yourself, “When I FEEL ____________, what do I DO (or NOT DO)?” This one can be a little tricky! Sometimes we know what we did next, so we think those ACTIONS are related. But your ACTIONS (and inactions) might be coming from a different THOUGHT-FEELING combo. For example, if you THOUGHT, “I don’t want to work out today,” and that created a FEELING of reluctance, but you know that you ended up working out anyway. Getting up and working out definitely came from a different FEELING (probably determination, which would have been generated from a THOUGHT like, “I can do this, it won’t take long.”) When you have the FEELING of reluctance, it’s more likely that you might sit and ruminate on all the reasons why you could workout later.

STEP THREE: Check in with yourself and make sure your ACTIONS seem in line with your FEELING. My rule of thumb is this: “bad” FEELINGS lead to “bad” ACTIONS. Meaning that if I have an unpleasant/bad FEELING, I’m likely to be taking ACTIONS and inactions that aren’t moving me closer to my goal.

Woo doggies, this is good stuff, and you are rocking it! Tomorrow we’re going to put it all together!