Mindset Masterclass Day 5 - Pahla B Fitness

Mindset Masterclass
Day 5

This is the one where we put all the pieces together and see what RESULTS we are creating for ourselves! And let me be clear, my friends, you are definitely creating your RESULTS (even the ones you don’t like) with your THOUGHTS.

So, let’s explore this topic!

As you recall from way back at the beginning of this week, the only two things we need to do to master our mindset is 1.) find our THOUGHTS, and then 2.) decide if they’re helpful.

Well, your RESULTS are where you make that determination: If you’re not getting the RESULTS you want, then your THOUGHT isn’t helpful!

A few things to note about RESULTS:

  • They’re never about other people. You only create RESULTS for yourself.
  • They always prove your THOUGHT “true.”
  • They might actually be a lack of RESULTS (when your list of ACTIONS is mainly inaction, you generally create a void of RESULTS)

Let’s find your RESULTS!

STEP ONE: Watch the video, of course! This one’s a little longer, just over 9 minutes, and it’s got a lot of good info for you. If you can’t see it below, you can watch it here.

STEP TWO: Take a look at the ACTIONS and inactions you did from the FEELING that was created by your THOUGHT. Ask yourself, “When I think __________ and FEEL ____________ and do ____________, what RESULTS do I create for myself?”

STEP THREE: Time to analyze what you’re creating! Is this a RESULT you want to be creating in your life? If yes, YAY! You’re done! You’ve found a really helpful THOUGHT, so keep on thinking it! If the answer is no, then your THOUGHT isn’t helpful, and that’s really good information to have, too. The next time you hear your brain offer you that THOUGHT (and believe me, it will – your brain is super efficient at thinking your automatic THOUGHTS, because that’s its job), you can remind yourself that the THOUGHT isn’t helpful, and it’s completely optional for you to think it or not.

STEP FOUR (optional): Work your way from the RESULT that you do want (your goal), back to the ACTIONS you’ll need to do, then to the FEELING that will drive those ACTIONS, and finally to the THOUGHT that will create that FEELING for you. What would you like to practice THINKING that will get you the RESULTS you want?

STEP FIVE (optional): Come and join the Get Your GOAL group, where we’ll be working on mindset mastery like this every day for the rest of the month of August, with three more weeks (Monday – Friday) of daily prompts and activities! Learn more and join here ! The Get Your GOAL group also offers one-on-one coaching opportunities with me, LIVE group coaching each week, FREE access to the Journal for Success program and much more – you don’t want to miss out!

My beautiful friend, thank you so much for joining me this week! I hope you’ve gained a deeper understanding of yourself, your brain, the things you want for yourself and a clear direction for how to create it for yourself. YOU have all the power you need, right in your brain!

Find your THOUGHTS, then decide if they’re helpful.