2021 03 MARCH Monthly Workout Challenge

Are you ready for MARCH?

Because I sure am, and so are your workouts😅!

Killer Bs, the first week of every month, I release SEVEN all-new workout videos that are perfect for YOU and perfectly repeatable 🔁 for the month!

This month’s workouts are beautifully balanced😇 with a mix of cardio🔥, strength💪, core work⌛, balance practice🤸 and – oh, yes! – FUN🥳!

There are three days of bone-strengthening dumbbell work, five days of heart-healthy cardio, a little bit (or a lot!) of fall-prevention balance work every day, and one of the BEST beginner-friendly core strengthening workouts you’ll ever enjoy (there’s no floor work!)

No matter your fitness goal, March’s 7-day series has you covered:

Wanna lose weight? ⚖️ Great! Do the series exactly as it’s laid out, and be sure to download The 5-0 Method, my free eBook that explains everything you need to know about weight loss over 50 (it’s not just about your workouts!)

Wanna maintain your weight and enjoy your fitness? 💃 Fantastic! Do the series exactly as it’s laid out! Every day is moderate, there’s lots of variety to help you improve your heart health, balance, strength and flexibility AND you’ll have the time and energy to enjoy the rest of your day.

Wanna shape your body by building muscle tone? 🍑 Awesome! There are three days of dumbbell work, so pick ONE to be your push day (I suggest March 3rd’s video – it’s an uncomplicated strength-only workout). Use the heaviest weight you can manage with excellent form. The following day, you can rest or take the designated workout at an active rest pace. Learn more about Body Shaping in my free eBook.

You ready to get a sneak-peek at 🍃MARCH’s🍃 workouts? Here ya go! (Click the image below to download an easy-to-use PDF with clickable links to all of the videos, or keep scrolling for the individual video links.)

The March 7-day workout series has everything you need  for weight loss, health or body shaping fitness goals!

Quick reminder: The videos will be released at 2 am PST 🌛 each day for the first seven days of March (so these links will get you an error🤦 message any time before that!), and will be available on YouTube FOREVER afterward.

Find all seven days of the series (once they’re released, of course!) in this playlist: http://bit.ly/march7dayseries

March 1stLet’s WALK! Light Dumbbell Toning WEIGHT LOSS Workout

March 2ndSHOULDER-FRIENDLY Cardio (NO Overhead Moves!) WEIGHT LOSS Workout

March 3rdGet STRONGER + LOSE WEIGHT, too! Strength Training Workout

March 4thCardio POWER WALK with BALANCE Practice WEIGHT LOSS Workout

March 5thFind Your CORE! Beginner-Friendly Standing Abs WEIGHT LOSS Workout

March 6thSHOULDER-FRIENDLY Weight Loss Workout, Get LEAN + STRONG

March 7thFUN Cardio Party! Low Impact WEIGHT LOSS Workout to Get Results

Enjoy every day🌞 of this beautiful month, my friends – I’ll see you in the videos!

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