Metabolism Boost in Menopause | Metabolic Exercises Over 50

Metabolism Boost in Menopause, 30 Minute STRENGTH TRAINING Workout for Women over 50

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Wanna tame the "menopause monster" and feel AMAZING (while boosting your metabolism, strengthening your bones, and losing weight)? This workout's for you!

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Wanna tame the “menopause monster” and feel AMAZING (while also boosting your metabolism, strengthening your bones, shaping your body and working on weight loss)? Of course you do, and this workout of metabolic exercises for women over 50 is just what you need!

The FAST FACTS on this great 30-minute workout: Level FOUR | ALL standing, NO cardio | DUMBBELLS | BURN 125 – 175 calories

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Metabolic exercises over 50 - metabolism boost in menopause

We’re picking up heavy things and putting them back down again (aka, STRENGTH TRAINING with heavy dumbbells), and here’s why it’s the perfect exercise routine for women over 50:

  • Muscle tissue is “metabolically active,” meaning that it uses a lot of energy (calories) to simply exist.
  • As we age, we lose muscle tone.
  • The loss of muscle tone causes our bodies to store fat, even if we’re eating the same and exercising the same as we’ve always done, because our bodies aren’t burning the same number of calories they used to.
  • The best and most effective way to gain muscle tone (or at least slow down the loss of it) is to workout with WEIGHTS.

We’re exercising our bodies and our brains today with very complex barefoot exercises that will challenge your coordination and balance while building strong, beautiful muscles.

There’s no cardio and no floor work, but the warm up and cool down are included!

Check out the list of exercises below, then follow along with me in real time with the full length workout.

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it on YouTube:

The timer is set for one and a half minutes of work and 15 seconds of rest (go at whatever pace is best for YOU, I used a timer so I wouldn’t have to count); complete the circuit three times

Arm Circles with High Knees
Arm Crossers with Booty Kickers
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Curtsy Lunges with Side Kick and Press Up
Squats with Front Kick and Front Press
Good Mornings with Triceps Extensions
Reverse Lunges with High Knee and Side Raise

Side Bends with Cross-Body Knees to Elbows



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