MINI BAND Sammich 55 minute total body CARDIO + TONING workout

MINI BAND 🥪 | 55 minute total body CARDIO + TONING workout

Hungry for a SAMMICH? This one will do just fine! Grab your MINI BAND (get my exact band with this affiliate link: and let’s get FIT and STRONG with total body cardio and toning.

Here are the FAST FACTS: Level FOUR | ALL standing | MINI BAND | BURNS 400 – 450 calories

Grab your MINI BAND and let's get FIT and STRONG with total body cardio and toning.  This Thorough Thursday workout is super efficient, effective and FUN.

This Thorough Thursday workout includes a warm up, a cool down and lots of sweat in between with full body, bodyweight CARDIO (mostly low impact, but there’s a tiny bit of jumping) and mini band TONING. Super efficient, super effective, super sweaty and super FUN.

Follow along with me in real time with the full length video below.

Can’t see the workout? Click here to watch it on YouTube:

Warm up cardio exercises are performed for 30 seconds each (no rest), repeating 3x; mini band toning exercises are performed “to fatigue” (about 12 – 20 reps each) without repeat; finisher cardio exercises are also 30 seconds each and repeated 3x.

Arm Circles with High Knees
Arm Crossers with Booty Kickers
Big Arm Side Shuffles
Drinky Bird Jacks
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Overhead, Middle and Low Openers
Archers (right and left side)
Biceps Curls (right and left side)
X Marks the Spot Openers
Single Sided Deadlifts
Standing Tick Tocks
Ankle Anchor Kick Backs
Squats with Side Kicks
Pointer Circles

Big Arm Side Shuffles
Overhead to High Knees
Ice Skaters
Jumping Jacks


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Love, Pahla

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