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Holiday | Mini Challenge 52

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But taking a holiday is no reason to skip workouts, especially when they're already planned for you with the Mini Challenge!
2019 #PahlaBMiniChallenge Week 52 December 23 - 29

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It’s the last full week of the year, Killer Bs, and no matter what you celebrate (or don’t), I hope you get to enjoy a bit of a holiday this week!

I’ll be a little quieter on social media this week as I’m enjoying time with my family and gearing up for an EPIC start to the year 2020.

But taking a holiday is no reason to skip workouts, especially when they’re already planned for you with the Mini Challenge!

Enjoy yourself this week, my friend, and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

(Click the image below to download the free workout plan and save it on your device.  Be sure to download and use the Get Your GOALS Daily Check-In worksheet, too.  The thumbnails are links that take you directly to the workout videos on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel or The Fitness Matters Podcast channel on YouTube.)

But taking a holiday is no reason to skip workouts, especially when they're already planned for you with the Mini Challenge!


MONDAY:  15 Minute SEATED Cardio + Strength HIIT Workout | High Intensity AB + ARM Toning for BEGINNERS

TUESDAY:  All ABS Standing CORE + BALANCE 10 Minute Ladder Workout | HOT 100 Challenge Day 12 paired with Barefoot STANDING ABS (+ Bonus Butt Work!) | 10 Minute Functional BALANCE + CORE Fitness Workout

WEDNESDAY:  WALKING for Weight Loss, 15 minute INDOOR WALK workout with Pahla B

THURSDAY:  All STANDING No Jumping Cardio ABS HIIT | 15 Minute Flat Belly Home Workout without Equipment

FRIDAY:  Low Impact WALKING with WEIGHTS 10 minute stackable CARDIO TONING workout with light dumbbells  paired with 10 Minute WALK with WEIGHTS Full Body Cardio + Toning Workout | HOT 100 Challenge Day 27

SATURDAY:  Gentle RECOVERY STRETCHING for Flexibility + Active Rest | HOT 100 Challenge Day 20 paired with ACTIVE REST Foam Roller Recovery Workout 10 Minute FOAM ROLLING Routine | HOT 100 Challenge Day 30

SUNDAY:  SEATED SLIMDOWN | 20 Minute Full Body CARDIO + STRENGTH Workout, No Equipment Needed

WEIGHT LOSS Mini Challenge Week 52 Playlist on YouTube


MONDAY:  30 Minute LOW IMPACT Walking with Weights Workout for Women over 50

TUESDAY:  30 Minute PILATES for STRENGTH + FLEXIBILITY | Alicia’s April ❤ Workout

WEDNESDAY:  Learn to RUN with Pahla B:  Your FIRST 5k Race, 30 Minute RUN + WALK

THURSDAY:  Quick BURN | 10 Minute  Low Impact Cardio HIIT | Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes without Jumping paired with FUN 10 Minute Lower Body CARDIO Routine for Firm THIGHS + a Toned BUTT | HOT 100 Challenge Day 89

FRIDAY:  Upper Body ARM + SHOULDER Dumbbell Sculpt and Tone Workout for Women | HOT 100 Challenge Day 36 paired with Upper Body Express Workout 10 Minutes to Tank Top Arms Dumbbell Training | HOT 100 Challenge Day 65

SATURDAY:  Easy 20 Minute RECOVERY WALK for Sore Muscles | Gentle, Low Impact Indoor WALKING Workout

SUNDAY:  DUMBBELL TABATA | 25 Minute LOW IMPACT Cardio Toning, High Intensity Weights Workout without Jumping

BODY SHAPING Mini Challenge Week 52 Playlist on YouTube


Ep 004 Are You Doing ENOUGH? 🎧 The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B


PAPER PLATE 20 Minute TABATA | Full Length Cardio HIIT Workout without Jumping

Enjoy your workouts this week, my friend and be sure to tag me (@pahlabfitness) on your INSTA so I can cheer you on!  #pahlabminichallenge

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2019 #PahlaBMiniChallenge Week 52 December 23 - 29

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