#PahlaBMiniChallenge Week FIVE, October 30 – November 3

Happy Sunday and Happy (almost) Halloween, Killer Bs!  We’re all treats and no tricks around here (although I suppose that depends on how you feel about this week’s workouts, huh?), cruising into Week FIVE of the Mini Challenge series.  We’re back to high intensity training with a week full of fun challenges, new moves and plenty of sweat!

Click on the photo below to open and save the PDF with clickable links to each of this week’s workouts.  Monday’s and Tuesday’s workouts will be available after 2:30 am PDT on their respective days, but right now you can enjoy the teaser view of the thumbnails.  🙂

2017 October 30 - November 3 #PahlaBMiniChallenge Week FIVE

On MONDAY, we’re starting the week with an oh-so-sweaty SEATED Cardio Toning HIIT.  Don’t roll your eyes at me, this is not your grandmother’s seated workout.  I was SORE afterward!  I’m pretty sure it’s the toughest chair workout I’ve made to date.  Which makes me want to make a tougher one next time …  🙂

TUESDAY‘s workout is a terrific 30 minute RUN + WALK with a chat about the SECRET to my running SUCCESS.  Don’t worry, this isn’t technical running advice and I promise that you’ll be capable of doing this particular thing yourself.  We’re taking it in long challenging intervals for this one – 5 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking, which you OF COURSE can use the other way around if you’d prefer.

WEDNESDAY is a fun and sweaty stack of HOT 100 videos, aimed at whittling your middle with some bodyweight CARDIO and one heavy WEIGHT.

Speaking of weights, THURSDAY‘s workout is a Kettlebell favorite of mine!  We’re slowing things down with STRENGTH TRAINING that will actually speed up your metabolism.  How’s that work?  Easy!  The more muscle tone you have, the more calories you’re burning every minute of every day.

On FRIDAY, we’re rounding out the week with a super sweaty and very challenging LOW IMPACT CARDIO workout.  There’s no mistaking this one for low intensity, since your heart rate will be skyrocketing even while your feet stay on the ground.

As always, Killer B, I hope you enjoy the CHALLENGE this week, and be sure to tag me (@pahlabfitness) on Instagram or Twitter so I can cheer you on!  #PahlaBMiniChallenge

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