Hey Killer Bs, it’s Pahla B and welcome to MINDSET MATTERS, a series of phrases to help you change your mindset while you’re changing your body.

And this week’s phrase is “I am enough, I’m doing enough.”

My friends, that word enough, it gets to all of us, and it’s tough! Especially when, in today’s modern world, we spend so much time on social media, or even with other people in real life, who want to tell you to do more more more more more!

This week, we’re slowing down, we’re tuning in to our own personal, internal wisdom.

You ARE enough, and you’re DOING enough.

There’s plenty of time, later in your fitness journey, later in your life journey, to do more.

Right now, focus on the things that matter to get you where you’re going for this goal.

There will always be other goals, other things to work on. But right now, you’re enough and you’re doing enough.

And I’m super proud of you! I’ll see you next time.

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