Hey Killer Bs, it’s Pahla B and welcome to MINDSET MATTERS, a series of phrases that helps you change your mindset while you’re changing your body.

And you guys, this is MINDSET MATTERS number one and this week’s phrase is “This is where I am.”

Now, here’s what I want you to think about when you’re thinking this phrase:

Part of it is very practical! I mean, “this is where I am” is taking kind of a hard look at exactly where you are. Being serious with yourself about the numbers, about your skills.

Especially if you are at the beginning of a weight loss or a fitness journey, it’s important to be honest and realistic about exactly where you are.


The second half of that, is that being honest and realistic doesn’t mean being self-critical. And, in fact, “this is where I am” opens you up for forgiveness, and for self love.

That’s where we’re going on this MINDSET MATTERS journey, is working towards loving ourselves exactly as we are. Exactly where we are.

So this week, your task is to be honest and clear about where you are, and also to work on forgiveness for being where you are.

Because this? Is where I am.

I’ll see you next time!

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