Hey Killer Bs, this is Pahla B, and welcome to MINDSET MATTERS, a series of phrases that’ll help you change your mindset while we’re changing your body.

You guys, this week’s phrase is “This is what I do.”

This is about the time on your fitness or weight loss journey where you’re starting to think that maybe this isn’t fun anymore. And this week’s phrase is really going to help you put yourself in a self-discipline mode.

When you have self-discipline and you tell yourself “this is what I do” it helps you gain self trust.

When you follow through on promises to yourself, because this is what you do, over time you’ll learn that you can be trusted to do everything.

Sometimes when we let ourselves down, or let ourselves slide, that leads to a feeling of discontent. Of disconnectedness.

But, “This is what I do” will help you stay centered and grounded and focused on getting the tasks done, self discipline and self trust.

You got this in your hands! My friends, I’ll see you next time.

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