My Ultramarathon STRUGGLE 40 minute indoor walk

My ultramarathon STRUGGLE (40 minute indoor walk)

Oh, Killer Bs, do I have a STORY for you! Last weekend, I ran a 110k (68 mile) ultramarathon, and even though I finished – yay! – I also STRUGGLED. Like, a LOT. And this is the story of my struggle, told while we go for a really gently-paced 40 minute WALK (you can totally run if you’d prefer, it’s up to you).

The FAST FACTS:  Level THREE | Steady State CARDIO | 375 calories | 4500 steps

Ultimately, in spite of the struggle, this is a story of triumph and the lessons I learned from running a ridiculously long distance:

? Your struggle is trying to tell you something
? Consistency is always the answer
? The only way to get out of a struggle is to get THROUGH it

My ultramarathon STRUGGLE (40 minute indoor walk) Let's RUN Podcast with Pahla B

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This workout is plenty long, but here are some extras to really pull it all together:


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