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OCTOBER Monthly Challenge

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It’s gonna be five days of sweat😅, five days of fun🥳 and a whole month of getting weight loss RESULTS🤗 !
10 OCTOBER Monthly Workout Challenge

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Here we go, beautiful Bs – it’s just about time for the all-new OCTOBER🍂 5-Day WEIGHT LOSS Workout Series

Starting tomorrow, it’s gonna be five days of sweat😅, five days of fun🥳 and a whole month (because these workouts are very repeatable) of getting weight loss RESULTS🤗.

My friends, around here we are all about finding a healthy weight by moving in ways that feel like SELF LOVE💕, and the OCTOBER🍂 5-day series really delivers on that promise.  We’ve got endorphin-producing CARDIO, muscle-toning WEIGHTS, waist-tightening CORE STRENGTH and vital-at-every-age BALANCE PRACTICE, all coming to you in perfect 20-ish minute packages!

✨PLUS!✨  For best results, be sure to download The 5-0 Method, my free eBook that explains everything you need to know about weight loss over 50 (because it’s not just about your workouts!)

These terrific new workouts will be available starting Monday, October 4, 2021 through Friday, October 8, 2021 (one video will be released each day at 2 am PDT).  Click the image below to download a handy-dandy PDF with links🔗 to each video.

OCTOBER Monthly Challenge

FAT-BURNING 🔥 Cardio WALK at Home 🍂 DAY 1

🎶 Total Body GET FIT 💪Challenge 🍂 DAY 2

20 Minute FAST WALK ⌛ for ABS 🍂 DAY 3

🎶 Morning METABOLISM BOOST 🌞 with Weights 🍂 DAY 4

Burn Fat ALL DAY 🌠 1 Mile BOOSTED WALK 🍂 DAY 5

Enjoy every wonderful day this month, and feel free to SHARE this workout series with your friends! 💛

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10 OCTOBER Monthly Workout Challenge

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