#PahlaBMiniChallenge 2018 Week 20 May 21-25 - BLOG Featured Photo

#PahlaBMiniChallenge Week TWENTY, May 21 – 25

As I was prepping this week’s Mini Challenge, I was sort of taken aback by the fact that it’s Week 20.  TWENTY!  We’re creeping up on the halfway point of the year!

Time is funny like that.  It marches forward whether you’re prepared for it or not.  Right now, I’m falling squarely in the “not” category, as my youngest son is graduating from high school this week.  I swear, my high school graduation was just a few years ago.  (It wasn’t.)

So, with the whirling and swirling nature of time in mind (and the strong likelihood that you are attending either a graduation or concert or festival or seven this week), I chose some quick and efficient workouts for us.  None of them are longer than 30 minutes, but they all really pack a good, sweaty punch!

If time is going to keep rushing past, we might as well look and feel our best, right?

(Click the image below to download and save it on your device.  The thumbnails are links to take you directly to the videos or playlists on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel.  All of the workouts are available for preview immediately.)


On MONDAY, we’re starting the week with a tough and sweaty CARDIO + STRENGTH HIIT that works the whole body in just 25 minutes.  And boy, do I mean the whole body!  This is a super effective, high intensity workout that burns maximum calories in minimum time, plus shapes and tones all the major muscle groups.

TUESDAY’S all-new Let’s RUN podcast is a 25 minute WALKING WORKOUT that you could very easily take at a running pace.  (I’ve been super sick, and wanted to make sure I could talk, so I kept my speed very moderate.)  We’re chatting about how meeting your goals – losing weight, learning to run, etc. – ISN’T hard!  But it is boring.  I’ve got some insights and solutions for you to help your goal-crushing feel easier.

WEDNESDAY’S workout is a FAST + FUN CARDIO session that takes just 20 minutes and no equipment to leave you drenched in sweat.  Proof that you don’t have to work out all day to get the results you’re looking for!

On THURSDAY, we’re back to the weights with this full body WEIGHT LOSS WORKOUT.  We’re getting it done in just over 20 minutes of cardio, strength and abs.

And FRIDAY we’ll finish off the week with some FAT BURNING FUN!  This quick HIIT needs no equipment, but is perfect for toning and shaping your whole body while challenging your heart and lungs.

As always, Killer B, I hope you enjoy the CHALLENGE this week!  Be sure to tag me (@pahlabfitness) on your INSTA or TWITTER so I can cheer you on!  #pahlabminichallenge

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