The Power of PLANNING AHEAD | Let’s RUN Podcast with Pahla B

PLANNING AHEAD is the magic that makes things happen in your life, but for lots of us (me!) it’s not something that comes naturally, and it’s maybe not super fun.

While we chat about this challenging but worthwhile topic, let’s go for a great walk and run!

With today's great walk and run we're talking about PLANNING AHEAD!  It might not come naturally, but it's the magic that'll make things happen in your life.

I know it sounds boring and – ugh! – responsible, but here’s why PLANNING AHEAD is such a great idea (especially as it relates to your fitness and workouts).

PLANNING your workouts AHEAD of time helps you to:

  • REDUCE STRESS – when you know what’s coming next, there’s no need to waste energy worrying about it
  • MAKE BETTER CHOICES – you’re far more likely to choose an appropriate workout ahead of time than in the moment
  • LEARN TO TRUST YOURSELF – keeping small daily promises builds a bridge to relying on yourself for bigger things
  • UNLOCK A CRITICAL PART OF YOUR BRAIN – the part we need to use to be successful

So… how do you get better at planning ahead? The same way you get better at anything!

Take SMALL STEPS and PRACTICE every day.

Making Healthy Choices (when you don’t want to) 👉

Tell me: what will you start PLANNING AHEAD for in your life?

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