Journal for Success - 5-Week Journaling Course for Women over 50

Journal for Success

You know you’re “supposed” to be journaling, but what does that even mean?

I mean, what is journaling anyway? Am I just writing down what happened today? Do I really have to talk about my feelings? And what am I going to get from it?

My friend, I have the answers to all of this and MORE – with practical steps, real-world examples and guided worksheets, plus exclusive video conversations to help you get started and get the most from your practice.

Behold, the JOURNAL for SUCCESS 5-week course, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Unlock your thoughts (which are the source of your power!)
  • Free yourself from negativity and judgment
  • Unleash your potential, and
  • Empower yourself to get the RESULTS you want in life

The JOURNAL for SUCCESS course was previously only available in my private membership group, but it’s too good not to share!

Journaling is THE THING that completely changed my life.

Think I’m being dramatic? (I mean… I am, but it’s also true!)

I started doing “mindset work” about five or six years ago, and even though I started making some progress in some areas, I mostly still felt frustrated and stuck on the BIG goals in my life.

  • I wasn’t even making minimum wage with my YouTube channel (in 2017, my income for the YEAR was $3,221)
  • I felt challenged by many relationships in my family
  • I was slowly gaining weight and losing fitness

But then…

Two years ago, I began the practice of DAILY JOURNALING to find my thoughts, feel my feelings and take responsibility for the results I was creating in my life.

It wasn’t easy! I still sit down sometimes and the first sentence I write is “I don’t know what to write.” lol

But I show up anyway, and here’s what I’ve created for myself today:

  • This year’s income will be multiple six figures
  • I approach all of my family relationships with love instead of judgment, and
  • I’m happily maintaining a healthy weight (ten pounds lost) while gaining muscle and fitness (2% increase of skeletal muscle mass)

All because I take the time every day to write in my journal.

I know you want this (and more!) for yourself, and that’s why I created this course. Everything that’s holding you back from your dream life is just a THOUGHT in your brain, and JOURNALING will help you find it, understand it, and move forward courageously toward your goals.