REST DAYS, Active Rest + Cutback EXPLAINED 30 Minute WALKING Workout Let's RUN Podcast with Pahla B

REST DAYS, Active Rest + Cutback EXPLAINED

My friends, today we’re exploring REST DAYS, ACTIVE REST and CUTBACK and I’m diving deep into why it matters for YOU.

You know you need to REST and RECOVER from your workouts, but HOW? And how much? And how often? And why?

Join me for a 30 minute WALK while we chat!

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Today we're exploring REST DAYS, ACTIVE REST and CUTBACK and I'm diving deep into why it matters for YOU.  While we chat, Let's RUN (or, in this case, walk)!

✅ First, let’s DEFINE the differences (and similarities) between the terms.

REST DAYS are exactly what they sound like – rest! No formal workout, no extra movement, and not even a lot of normal daily activity. This is pretty rare.

ACTIVE REST is much more common. Normal daily “stuff,” maybe a light, gentle workout or recovery activities like stretching or foam rollering are just the right amount of movement.

CUTBACK refers to a period of overall reduced volume and/or intensity of your workouts. You’re working out, but not at your usual level. This is so much harder than it sounds!

✅ Next, let’s make sure you know what your GOAL is! Because if you’re not sure where you’re headed, you’ll never actually get there. As we’ve talked about, you need to focus on ONE GOAL to train your best and get the fastest results.

✅ Then, when we’re clear about what we want, let’s make it happen!

INJURY REHAB requires some days of complete REST and other days of ACTIVE REST. While you are recovering from pain, there’s no regular level of intensity in your workouts.

GENERAL FITNESS is the “easiest” to program for rest because, honestly? You can kind of do whatever you want to!

WEIGHT LOSS is actually an extended period of ACTIVE REST. The harder you workout, the harder it is to lose weight, so moderate activity is your best bet. (There’s so much more to say about this topic, and I have an entire series planned in the very near future to cover it more thoroughly.)

MUSCLE BUILDING requires complete REST, ACTIVE REST and CUTBACK at varying times in your program. To build muscle, you are going to be pushing yourself way outside your weight lifting comfort zone and your body desperately needs to recover from that!

RUNNING FASTER or LONGER also includes REST, ACTIVE REST and CUTBACK in a good program for the same reason: the harder you push yourself, the more you need to recover from it.

✅ And finally, we’ll chat about what this actually looks like in the real world and how you can implement these principles into YOUR workout routine.

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