Learn to RUN with Pahla B - Running Tips for Beginners (1 Mile Workout)

Learn to RUN with Pahla B: Running Tips for Beginners (1 Mile Interval Training Workout)

Wanna learn how to RUN at home? Here are my 5 best RUNNING TIPS for beginners!

The FAST FACTS about today’s 1-mile (15 minute) walk-run workout: Level ONE | 2 minutes walking, 30 seconds running | 2000 steps | BURNS 75 – 100 calories | INCLUDES warm up

Wanna learn how to RUN at home?  Here are my 5 best RUNNING TIPS for beginners!  And of course, we'll chat while going for a ONE MILE walk and run.

Killer Bs, when you first begin to run:

  1. Start with INTERVALS. I know you want to just start running, but my friend, your body has a different opinion. Ease into your new running program with walk-run intervals (like the ones we’re using during this workout!) and your body will thank you.
  2. Do as LITTLE RUNNING as possible. Of course that sounds crazy! But your body isn’t ready to handle a lot of running, and you don’t want to start your running career with a bunch of injuries.
  3. Don’t worry about the GEAR. It’s perfectly okay to begin jogging in your baggy sweatpants and old tennis shoes. Some day soon you can spend a lot of money on running shoes and cute running skirts (links below!), but you don’t have to do that today.
  4. Don’t expect to GET ANYTHING OUT OF IT. Running has many, many, many gifts to give you… but not right away. It’s likely that you want to lose weight running, or get toned, or feel fit – and you can! – but that doesn’t happen over night.
  5. BREATHING is the secret to running success. When you learn to breathe rhythmically, you can run FOREVER.

I hope you enjoy many years of happy, healthy running ahead of you – it’s possible when you get started running the right way. Let’s RUN!

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