SEATED Cardio ABS | 10 Minute Stackable HIIT Workout to Tighten Your TUMMY

I was thinking about something yesterday.  Actually, that’s not true.  I was thinking about a LOT of things yesterday!  🤣 🤣  But, ONE of the things I was thinking about is how I don’t ever want to be the sort of fitness trainer who makes videos with titles like “How to Lose Your Bat Wings” or has workouts that suggest you  can “fix your bra bulge.”  UGH.

I want my viewers – my Killer Bs! – to be smarter than that.

Because listen, here’s the thing:  we ALL worry about bat wings and bra bulge.  Actually, that’s not entirely true, either.  I can live with my bat wings, but the thing that bugs me is that little blob of fat in front of my armpits.  (You might not have noticed it before, but now it’s all you’ll see in my videos!  LOL)

I see it, and I don’t care for it.


You and I both know that you can’t get rid of fat in ONE place in your body.  And you definitely can’t get rid of fat in one part of your body by exercising that particular part of your body!  Arm exercises don’t help you lose arm fat.  Ab exercises don’t help you lose belly fat.  Your body just doesn’t work that way!

So why do I make targeted ab workout videos like this one, with a phrase like “tighten your tummy” right there in the title?  Well, my friend, let me tell you a secret:  this workout “targets” your abs by working out EVERYTHING!  When we do high heart rate, high intensity interval work like this, we’re burning calories and fat from all over your body.  When we’re swinging our arms around, we’re building up our shoulder and arm muscles (building muscles = burning more calories every day).  And when we’re kicking and moving our lower body, we’re firming up our legs and butt, too!

So, down below the jump, I’m going to have the official blurb about how we’re “whittling our middle,” but you and I both know that this workout is doing WAY more than that.

Because we’re smart like that.

SEATED Cardio ABS _ 10 Minute Stackable HIIT Workout to Tighten Your TUMMY FREE Home Workout on YouTube from Pahla B Fitness

Let’s get that heart rate UP while shrinking the waist DOWN! All SEATED high intensity workout without equipment, targets your abdominal muscles to slim and sculpt your waistline while burning maximum calories in minimum time.

Follow along with the full-length workout video below.

Can’t see the video?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:

Warm Up:

Level TWO


10 minutes

Calories Burned:
100 – 125

HIIT timer is set for 20 seconds; perform one exercise then rest, then two exercises then rest

Disco Dancers
Toy Soldiers
Rainbow Jacks
Cross Crunch Cross Kick



Cool Down:

Thanks for working out with me!

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