SEATED Self Care 💛 Flexibility + Relaxation

SEATED Self Care 💛 Flexibility + Relaxation

Real quick, here are the FAST FACTS about this one:  Level ONE | All SEATED | Full Body STRETCH | No Equipment

Killer Bs, this is one of the most lovely and luxurious STRETCHING workouts I’ve ever made! Enjoy 30 minutes of full body flexibility work that is also ridiculously relaxing. Perfect for an active rest day, we’re moving every muscle through its full range of motion to stretch and relax your whole body – all while SITTING in a CHAIR!

You’ll feel energized and loved with this self care routine that’s perfect for beginners and requires NO load bearing on your feet or legs.

SEATED Self Care 💛 Flexibility + Relaxation FREE Home Workout on YouTube from Pahla B Fitness

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed these SEATED Saturdays in September!  Over the course of these last five weekends, we’ve really gotten in a LOT of great work, with cardio, strength, and now this flexibility routine.

And, my friends, it’s no coincidence that these five workouts go together to form a perfect week of workouts that you can repeat again and again to reach all your fitness goals.  💛

Set Up:
There’s no timer or specific duration, feel free to pause the video on the stretches that feel best to you!

Stretching Poses:
Ears to Shoulders
Chin to Shoulders
Chin to Chest with Side Rolls
Elbow Openers
Arm Circles
Spine Twists
Overhead Side Bends
Forward Lean
Hamstring Stretch
Seated Pigeon
Knee Drops
Calf Stretches
Full Body Hug
Full Body Opener

Follow along with this Saturday’s full-length video here.

Can’t see the workout?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:


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