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Hey Killer Bs!

I know how much you’ve come to love and count on the weekly Mini Challenges, so for this upcoming hectic week I’ve done something even better for you:  we’ve got NINE DAYS in a row of super quick (10 minutes each!) and simple (but never easy!) workouts to help you stay on track during Spring Break.  All new WARM UPS (including a SEATED warm up – I’m so excited about this!) and FINISHERS (yep, there’s a SEATED finisher, too!), plus ON-SCREEN SUGGESTIONS for complementary videos will help you stack up the perfect workout!

Whether you just want to squeeze in ten minutes or keep going for an hour, these all-new workout videos are the perfect solution.  Yay!

Here’s what the week looks like:

2018 Spring Break STACKERS Challenge from Pahla B Fitness

(NOTE:  Click the image above to download and save the PDF.  The thumbnails are clickable links to the workout videos!  I’m releasing a new video each day, so these workouts aren’t available for preview until 2 am Cali time on their respective days, but you can check out the Warm Ups and Finishers now.)

Cheers to staying on track and making your workouts work for YOU!

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