Stretching Exercises for Women Over 50

Stretching Exercises for Women Over 50

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Are you ready to stretch your bodies, Lovely Bs? Here are four of my favorite videos of stretching exercises for women over 50.
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Welcome, my friend! I’m so excited to share some fantastic stretching exercises with you today. The great thing about these videos is that they speak to your mood and energy level, whatever those may be. If you’re feeling energetic and want to get in a little cardio with your stretching, I’ve got you covered. Or if you’re looking for a stretching workout to help relieve stress, I’ve got that, too.

Check out these four full-length, follow along videos of stretching exercises for women over 50 to start moving your body in ways that feel like love.

Cardio Stretching Exercises for Women Over 50

This one’s an energy-boosting cardio stretch with no equipment and no jumping. If you are losing weight, your goal is to work out moderately every single day, and this is a perfect, moderate workout. Your heart rate’s gonna come up, but it’s not gonna go crazy.

If you are body shaping, this is actually a perfect, active rest day all by itself, or if today is a push day for you, this is a really great warmup. No matter what you are doing or where you are going with your fitness, this one is for you.

We’re listening to our body and we’re getting some great cardio, with absolutely no jumping, no transitions to the ground, and no squats!

This is nice, gentle, moderate, very beginner-friendly, knee-friendly cardio that’s interspersed with some glorious stretching, because nothing feels better than a nice stretch on warm muscles.

Stress-Relieving Stretching Exercises for Women Over 50

There’s no equipment needed for this beautiful, all-standing stretch. It’s a dynamic stretching routine, that is a perfect stress reliever. Because we can all use a little stress relief these days, right?

We are dynamically stretching, which means that at some point, this workout is gonna start to feel a little like cardio! Dynamic means moving, which means we’re not doing any holds of any sort. Rather, we’re going through a really gorgeous handful of exercises at a stretching pace, and we’re thinking about moving our body beautifully through its full range of motion.

This is all about mobility, and here’s the thing: depending on what you wanna get out of it, this workout could be a really extended warmup for something else. Or, even something that is so obviously moderate and gentle as this workout could still be a push day for you. You can make these stretching exercises work for your goals, no matter what they are.

What makes this workout work is not just going through the motions, but thinking about how your mind connects to your body. When we’re really thinking about how we’re moving, when we’re really truly focusing in on feeling the stretch, feeling the work, thinking about the muscles, thinking about balance, and thinking about your body moving through space and time–even familiar exercises can have a whole new twist on them, and that’s what we’re doing with this workout.

Functional Core Strength + Stretching Exercises for Women Over 50

My friends, this FUNCTIONAL core strength and stretching workout is the video you didn’t even know you needed! We are taking things at a whole ‘nuther speed, with a luxuriously patient stretch and surprisingly sweaty core strength work that is ESSENTIAL for women over 50.

At our age, the time to work on fall prevention and getting back up from a fall is NOW, before we need it. Core strengthening exercises performed on the floor are the way to stay stable on your feet for years to come.

A functional fitness workout like this one is great for your body, strengthening your:

⭐️ Internal abdominals and obliques
⭐️ Glutes
⭐️ Rear chain
⭐️ Hip complex
⭐️ Shoulder complex, and
⭐️ External abdominals and obliques

It’s also amazing at strengthening the connection between your brain and your body. We’re doing a lot of “thinking work” in this workout, in addition to the physical work!

The pace is relaxed, and the work is suitable for all fitness levels, but it’s definitely NOT easy. These exercises are fantastic for resolving sciatica pain and piriformis syndrome and I strongly recommend adding this type of functional core strengthening work into your weekly routine!

Full Body Floor Stretching Exercises for Women Over 50

This full-body floor stretch is an oldie but a goodie! 

We’re stretching the whole body and not getting up off the floor. This simple and gentle stretching routine is a perfect way to start or end your day – we’re using gravity to assist our stretches and ease tension from tight, sore muscles in our legs, chest, back and abs.

This calming exercise video focuses on gently holding stretches in our hamstrings (back of the thighs), calves (lower legs), quads (front of the thighs), abs (stomach), pectorals (chest), lats (upper back) and glutes (butt) to recover from tough workouts and boost mobility. You do NOT need to be flexible already to enjoy this workout – it’s perfect for people with stiff, tight muscles who want to relax.

Increasing flexibility is a slow process (like building muscle or losing fat) and requires consistent effort.

I hope you enjoyed these stretching workouts! Thank you for joining me on the path to MAKING PEACE with your menopausal body.

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