Woo HOO! Are you excited? - Pahla B Fitness

Woo HOO! Are you excited?

Because I’m totally excited.  It’s a big deal to take the first step in a healthy direction and start working out, and I feel like it’s a HUGE privilege to be on this journey with you!

So, here’s our next steps:

Go check your email.  You should have a little something from me waiting in your inbox right now.  Open it, confirm your email, and then SAVE YOUR DOWNLOAD.  You don’t want to lose it!

You’ll get another email from me in the next few days, checking in with you to see how everything’s going.  In that email, I will invite you to click “reply” and actually tell me how it’s going.  Please do!

You’ll hear from me every few days right here at the start, because…  well, because a.)  I’m a helicopter mom and hovering is what I do best, and b.) I really am here for you if you have questions or need a little more encouragement.

Speaking of encouragement, you’ll find hundreds of your biggest fans and cheerleaders (including me!) in my private Facebook group, The Killer B Hive.  Request access by clicking here.

Cheers to starting something new,