The ANGRY Workout | Release ANGER + FRUSTRATION, 20 Minutes of Punching, Kicking + Throwing Things

Feeling ANGRY?

Killer B, I have just the thing for you!

Today’s workout is… well, it’s a workout, but mostly it’s punching, kicking and throwing things in a semi-controlled manner.  Which is incredibly cathartic and also kind of FUN!

The ANGRY Workout from Pahla B Fitness

This workout was harder to make than you might imagine.

First, I wasn’t actually angry when I started filming!  So, I had to tone down my natural bubbly enthusiasm, because I know that when you are angry, perky people make you want to punch something.  Ha!

But then, while the cameras were rolling and I was kicking and slamming down, all these frustrations inside me started bubbling up.  It was crazy, but also really cathartic.  I didn’t think I had any negative emotions to release, but apparently I did.

And, boy, did this workout release them!  Oh, my goodness, what fun to punch and kick and throw things!  By the time 20 minutes were up, everything was out and I felt terrific again.

If you are feeling angry, frustrated, underappreciated, irritated, mad, peeved or rage-filled, this is definitely the workout for you.  🙂

The ANGRY Workout | Release ANGER + FRUSTRATION, 20 Minutes of Punching, Kicking + Throwing Things


Detachable PUNCHING BAG or an old SOFA CUSHION

Warm Up and Cool Down:
Warm up is INCLUDED, cool down is LINKED in the video

Exercise Time:
22 minutes

Why you’re going to ❤ this workout:
It’s a super safe way to express your feelings AND release some endorphins, both of which will make you feel better. Also, there’s that whole calorie-burning thing that you’ll get from the high heart rate cardio, and the ab toning. Don’t forget the ab toning.

Where this fits into your routine:
Let’s call this one a CARDIO and CORE HIIT. Sure, there’s a little strength training when you hoist the cushion overhead to slam it down, but mostly this one is high heart rate. And, honestly, are you really thinking about whether or not today is cardio right now? This pretty much fits ANYWHERE in your plan.

Who can do this workout safely and well:
Pretty much anybody who’s mad enough. Just be sure you’re bracing your core, okay?

Calories burned:
Somewhere between 150 – 250 (this number depends on your weight and your intensity)

⌛ HIIT timer is set for 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest


  • Arm Circles with High Knees
  • Press Outs with Booty Kickers

MAIN WORKOUT (repeat the circuit 2x):

  • Wall Punches (left hand)
  • Slam Downs
  • Wall Punches (right hand)
  • Knees
  • Kicks (left leg)
  • Stomps
  • Kicks (right leg)
  • Elbow Slams (left side)
  • Elbow Slams (right side)


  • Pinned Punching
  • Fist Slams

Can’t see the workout video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:

As always, let me know if you have any questions about the workout.  I’m not a trained therapist, so I can’t really help you with your anger issues, but I can totally make sure you get a great workout.  🙂

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