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The FINAL Mini Challenge

Here's the Scoop

It's been lots of fun and tons of sweat, and the Mini Challenge has always been here to help YOU make your fitness choices easier!
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All the Details

Killer Bs, I have some incredibly exciting news📰 to share with you today: The Mini Challenge is growing up and becoming The MONTHLY Challenge!

Each and every month🗓️, rather than releasing once-a-week videos that might😅 or might not😐 be what you’re looking for, I will now be creating a fabulous 7-day series of videos designed to fit together into a perfect, month-long workout routine!

Yes, every month!

Seven new workout videos!

That go together to get your goal! (I know, it’s almost too good to be true, isn’t it?)

Starting on Monday, February 1, 2021💕, I’ll have an all-new, 7-day Weight Loss over 50 series of workouts to share with you. (Unimportant side note: I just love that this decision coincided with a month that starts on a Monday – doesn’t that just feel right?)

I honestly can’t wait to share February’s videos with you, but we’re both going to have to wait seven more sleeps🛌. (But oh, my goodness, you’re going to love🥰 them!)

In the meantime, enjoy this FINAL Mini Challenge!

It’s been three and a half amazing years, with lots of design changes and tons of sweat, but the mission has always been the same: to help YOU make your life and fitness choices easier!

Here’s how the Mini Challenge works:

  • Choose a GOAL – weight loss (for weight loss) or body shaping (for maintaining your weight and improving your fitness)
  • Follow the WORKOUTS for your goal – if you’re losing weight, each day’s effort should feel very moderate and consistent (because weight loss over 50 is driven by eating the right number of calories consistently); if you’re shaping your body, one day will be an intense push, two days will be very relaxed and the rest of the days should feel mild to moderate. Changing your intensity is what changes your body.
  • The BONUS CONTENT is appropriate for either goal.

(Click the image below to download the free workout plan and save it on your device.  Be sure to download and use the Get Your GOALS Daily Check-In worksheet, too.  The TEXT DESCRIPTION on each day of the calendar is a link that takes you directly to the workout videos on the Pahla B Fitness YouTube channel or The Fitness Matters Podcast channel on YouTube.)

It's been lots of fun and tons of sweat, and the Mini Challenge has always been here to help YOU make your fitness choices easier!


Find the WALK Off the Weight for Women over 50 series playlist here:


MONDAY (PUSH):  50 Minute Standing STRENGTH TRAINING Workout for Women over 50 💛 Pahla B Fitness

TUESDAY (RECOVERY):  Easy 20 Minute RECOVERY WALK for Sore Muscles | Gentle, Low Impact Indoor WALKING Workout

WEDNESDAY (MODERATE):  30 minute all standing CARDIO ABS HIIT workout 😅 BURN 250 calories

THURSDAY (MODERATE):  20 Minute WEIGHT LOSS Weights Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

FRIDAY (CORE/RECOVERY):  RECOVERY Core Strength 💪 Day 5 💪 Body Shaping for Women over 50

SATURDAY (MODERATE):  25 Minute WEIGHT LOSS Power Walk Workout for Women over 50

SUNDAY (MODERATE):  25 Minute WALK + TONE Workout for Women over 50

Find this week’s BODY SHAPING videos in this playlist:


Ep. 061: Embracing NEGATIVITY 🎧 The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B

Have a great day and enjoy your workouts this week, my friend!

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2021 Mini Challenge Week 4 Featured Image

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