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You’ve started eating healthier, and working out regularly and you’re trying to lose weight.  But it’s an unknown world out there, on this weight loss journey.  Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody could just hand you a road map, and point out where all the obstacles and detours are going to be?

Well, my dear Killer B, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we’re talking about this week on The BUZZ – Fitness Mindset Matters.

Everybody has their own individual journey, of course, but there are some similarities along the way.  There are certain critical points and features that you can anticipate, especially if you know what’s coming next.



The ROADMAP to Your WEIGHT LOSS Journey With Decreasing Motivation and Elevating Frustration at 6 Weeks - Pahla B Fitness

SIX WEEKS: When we start off, motivation is high and frustration is low, but around four weeks into your journey, they swap places. This is a critical juncture, and one that often causes people to quit altogether.



The ROADMAP to Your WEIGHT LOSS Journey with the Motivation Cycle, Frustration Leveling Off and Steady Results at 12 Weeks - Pahla B Fitness

TWELVE WEEKS: Motivation bounces back, but then begins to dip again, but frustration levels off and the results are starting to show up.



The ROADMAP to Your WEIGHT LOSS Journey with the Motivation Cycle, Reduction of Frustration and Continued Steady Results at One Year - Pahla B Fitness

ONE YEAR: This is the big picture, the one that explains it all! Motivation will come and go throughout your journey, but frustration will level off and then dissipate, and results will continue to climb. Stick with it!


Knowing where you will go on your journey and being forewarned about the difficulties you’ll face can make all the difference.  Keep your eyes on that big picture.  You can do this!


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