The WEEK in WORKOUTS – I {Heart} My Shoulders & a Hard Core HIIT

We’re barely into the month of February, but I can tell you already that I am {hearting} this month’s workout theme of “I {Heart} My _____”!

Anybody who has ever trained with me in person will tell you that when they complain about DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness), my response is that being sore is your muscles’ way of saying, “Thank you for a great workout!”

Well, lemme tell ya.  My muscles are apparently very, very grateful this week.  🙂

We started off the month just right with a great beginner-friendly dumbbell superset circuit aimed at toning up your shoulders.  Don’t let the length of the exercise list fool you, this one was a nice little challenge!  You can follow along with the exercise video below, or take this printout with you.

Shape and sculpt your shoulders at home with this Upper Body Dumbbell Superset Workout from Pahla B Fitness

Here’s the breakdown:

20 Minute Upper Body DUMBBELL Superset | STRENGTH TRAINING Workout – I {Heart} My Shoulders

You’ll need one set of dumbbells for this workout.  I went medium-weight.  It’s not high volume work overall, but the superset protocol made this feel tough.

Complete all exercises in the circuit on your left side before moving to the right side.  Complete three circuits total.

  • Half-Kneeling Press-Ups (10x)
  • Kneeling Side Fly (10x)
  • Kneeling Front Row (10x)

Finisher:  20x Peek-a-boos (a/k/a, Shoulder Fly)

If you can’t see the video below, click here to watch it on YouTube:


After that shoulder burn, it was time to move things a little lower and make sure our abdominals and obliques could feel the love, too.

I haven’t done a medicine ball workout in months (I just looked it up, my last one was in September!  I can’t believe it’s been that long!), and I think I had forgotten how challenging working with medicine balls can be.  I tend to do more workouts with dumbbells and kettlebells because I feel like those are more commonly found in home gyms, but the medicine ball is a great piece of equipment to have.  They’re not expensive, they don’t take up a ton of room, and they’re very versatile – you can use them like a free weight or like a balance ball, which is super cool and exactly what I did in this workout.

I rated this HIIT workout as Intermediate mostly because of all the work in the plank position, which is tough on a normal day, but when you hold a plank on top of a medicine ball?  Super tough!  And hard on the wrists.  The intervals were also quite challenging and there’s very little rest.

Are you excited about doing this workout yet?  🙂  Me, too.

Hard Core Medicine Ball HIIT for Abs Home Workout from Pahla B Fitness - perfect for runners and athletes

Here’s the breakdown:

Hard Core MEDICINE BALL HIIT | Brutal 15 Minute Body Shaping Workout – I {Heart} My Abs and Obliques

Set your timer for stacking intervals of 40 seconds, plus a ten second rest.  Do each pair of exercises twice before moving on to the next pair.

  • Toe Reaches + Heel Touches (ball balances on shins)
  • Russian Twists + V-Sit Tosses
  • Plank Rolls + Foot Walkers
  • Mountain Climbers + Burpees with Ball Toss

Finisher:  Hold a Front Plank position with your hands on the ball for 40 seconds, Left Side Plank for 40 seconds, Front Plank for 10 seconds (I didn’t mess with my interval timer, so this was the resting interval), Right Side Plank for 40 seconds and then Front Plank for 40 seconds.

You can watch this video on YouTube if it doesn’t show up in this post:


Have no fear, the rest of the month of February will not be quite this brutal.  I do have several more body part-specific workouts planned, but I also have some fun stuff in store for us, too!

To your good health,

Love Pahla

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