Tighten Up with LIGHT TONING Exercises at Home | 5PD #46 - Pahla B Fitness

Tighten Up with LIGHT TONING Exercises at Home | 5PD #46

Here's The Scoop

Today is focused on LIGHT TONING while moving at a cardio pace. You get all the benefits of dumbbell work, while improving your heart health.

All the Details

Looking for LIGHT TONING exercises with a cardio pace? This fast-moving workout makes weight loss over 50 simple and FUN! 

It’s that time again! This week (as I do every four weeks), I’m uploading FIVE new weight loss workouts that are perfect for women over 50. With today’s light toning routine, you’ll get all the benefits of dumbbell work (muscle definition, stamina, and strength), while improving your heart health, too. 

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Are you ready to go five pounds down? Grab your lightest dumbbells and let’s GO!

In This Workout:

Interval timer is set for 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest; complete each pair of exercises twice before moving on to the next


Low Swinging Tappers + Triceps Kickback Stepbacks
Letter Cs + Sumo Xs
Alley Ups + Oblique Crunches
Punch Punch Kicks + Curtsy Curls
High Knee Twists + Ding Dongs
Punch Down Tap Outs + Peek a Boo Side Kicks
Deadlift Jacks + Big Arm Side Shuffles
Dancing Xs + Can Can Cans
Diving Airplanes + Chicken Wing High Knees

Three-Point Crunches


😅 EXTENDED WALKING COOL DOWN:  https://youtu.be/tk6oIzlx1SE


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