🎶 Total Body GET FIT 💪Challenge

🎶 Total Body GET FIT 💪Challenge

It’s OCTOBER🍂, and today we’re doing a TOTAL BODY workout that’s ideal for WEIGHT LOSS.  The double-duty effect of STRENGTH🔩 and CARDIO🧡 equates to more calories burned each day!  And did I mention that we’re having fun🎈?

Find the OCTOBER🍂 Weight Loss Series here: https://bit.ly/OCTWeightLoss

Today we’re doing a TOTAL BODY workout, the double-duty effect of STRENGTH🔩 and CARDIO🧡, that’s ideal for WEIGHT LOSS.

🎶 Quick note:  Today’s video includes motivating music for you to enjoy.

My friends, workouts like this one, done consistently, will increase the STRENGTH and TONE of your MUSCLES💪, which in turn makes your body even more efficient at burning energy!  

Take a step toward the WEIGHT LOSS and fitness results you’re looking for by grabbing a moderate pair of dumbbells🔩 (or water bottles🧴 or soup cans🥫) and joining me now – let’s GO!

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Nab this BLUE top & shorts SET (affiliate link):  https://amzn.to/3obzshY

Check out the list of exercises below, then follow along with me in real time with the full-length video.

Can’t see the workout?  Click here to watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/uIOXirrVB58

Timer is set for 30 seconds of cardio and 60 seconds of strength; complete each pair of exercises twice in a row before moving on to the next pair; there is NO REST.


Big Arm Side Shuffles
High Knee Press Ups

Toy Soldiers
Front Raise, Side Raise, Side Kick

Ding Dongs
X Marks the Spot

Can Cans
Front Punch Step Back

Pretzel Jacks
Delt Raise Side Kicks

Cheerleader Kicks
Deadlift Front Raise

Half Jacks
Flying Fast Ups



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