30 Minute KETTLEBELL TABATA | ADVANCED Full Body High Intensity TONING + STRENGTH Workout

Oh, Tabata, with your sweet 20-second interval torture.  You never fail to leave me sweaty and happily exhausted at the end of a workout!

You probably already know that I am a huge fan of Tabata workouts (since I have over twenty of them, and one of my very first full length follow along workouts was a Tabata), and maybe you’ve picked up on the fact that I not-so-secretly adore kettlebell workouts.  So, it should come as no surprise that this new kettlebell Tabata has quickly risen the ranks and made its way into my Top 10 All-Time Favorite Workouts.  (One of these days I’m totally going to make a YouTube playlist of my favorites!  I suspect I will have a hard time actually narrowing it down to just ten.)

The thing I like most about Tabata is the thing that I get the most complaints about on my videos:  it’s hard!  🙂  These workouts aren’t just physically difficult, though, they’re mentally tough.  And I think that’s why lots of people don’t like them very much.  It takes a lot of mental discipline to work through eight intervals in a row of the same exercise at full intensity.

Originally, Tabata was designed for elite athletes to improve their athletic performance.  That’s how hard this protocol is!  To be honest, I’ve watered things down a little bit by combining several exercises into a complete workout, as it was intended to be used as just four minutes of work, like an addendum to a longer, less intense workout.  But I enjoy the mental challenge that comes with trying to maintain that intensity for 20-30 minutes.  As my grandmother was fond of saying, this one’s a character builder.  🙂

I combined both strict and not-so-strict Tabata protocol to make a really tough full body workout, including one of the most thorough warm ups I’ve ever recorded.  You’ll thank me for this when you get to the main set!  You can follow along with me in real time with the video below, or you can easily print this out and take it with you wherever you go.  If you have any questions about the exercises, just leave me a comment, I’m happy to help out!

Kettlebell Tabata Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

30 Minute KETTLEBELL TABATA | ADVANCED Full Body High Intensity TONING + STRENGTH Workout

Set your timer for intervals of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.  For the warm up portion, there is no rest, so move at half-paced intensity.  On the main workout, though, give it your all on the work intervals.  Do each exercise for eight work intervals in a row before moving on.  Between each exercise, there is a one-minute period of “active rest,” which is two work intervals of the plank exercise specified (two 20-second intervals of the plank hold, plus two intervals of the 10-second rest).

Warm Up:

  • Slingshots (20 second intervals) + Halos (10 second intervals), repeat 8x
  • Side Lunges (20 second intervals) + Goblet Squats (10 second intervals), repeat 8x

Main Workout:

  • Swings, repeat 8x
  • Active Rest = Plank Hold, repeat 2x
  • Single Leg Squat and Press, repeat 8x (4x on each leg)
  • Active Rest = Left Side Plank Hold, repeat 2x
  • Russian Twists, repeat 8x
  • Active Rest = Right Side Plank Hold, repeat 2x
  • Burpees with Deadlift, repeat 8x
  • Active Rest = Reverse Plank Hold, repeat 2x

Built-In Finisher:

  • Elevated (one hand balancing on the kettlebell) Push Up with Plank Drag, repeat 8x

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/EOcyjmBfJ5I


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