STORY TIME Lessons Learned from my ULTRA Challenge 35 minute WALKING workout

STORY TIME | Lessons Learned from my ULTRA Challenge, 35 minute WALKING workout

Is it the greatest story ever told? NO. But in the immortal words of Mike Myers: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurl. (And you’ll probably wish that wasn’t so accurate.)

The FAST FACTS: Level TWO | all WALKING | BURNS 275 – 300 calories | 4500 steps

Quick warning, today’s STORYTIME walking workout is NOT going to be everybody’s cup of tea. We’re covering sensitive topics that aren’t really kid-friendly and might not be what you’re looking for today. If that’s the case, grab one of these other walking workouts instead:

Is it the greatest story ever told?  NO.  But in the immortal words of Mike Myers:  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl.  (And you'll probably wish that wasn't so accurate.)

But if you’re up for it, this Let’s RUN podcast is all about the lessons I learned from running 3-1/3* ultramarathons in four weeks:

👉 TIMING is everything, and grief is working on its own time.
👉 What you TELL YOURSELF matters, especially when you say nice things.
👉 You can tell yourself ANYTHING at ANY TIME to turn things around.
👉 Hard lessons are HARD.


I wanted to share this story with you so you can be inspired to press forward, even when things are tough and don’t go perfectly. You don’t have to have ultramarathon dreams to take these lessons to heart, my friends.

What challenge are YOU going to tackle next?

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