UPPER BODY TABATA | Brutal No Equipment 20 Minute Workout for ARMS, SHOULDERS, CHEST + ABS

You know how sometimes when you’re working out, you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow.  This workout is pretty tough.  I’ll bet I’m going to feel this tomorrow.”  And then tomorrow comes and you can barely move?  Yes.  This is that workout.  🙂

I don’t do a lot of upper body only workouts, mostly because I really prefer full body, but also because – if I’m being totally honest – it’s my weakest spot.  I can do squats all day long, but pushups?  I tap out after ten or twenty reps!  So I really had to talk myself into this one, but I’m so glad I did (even though I could barely wash my hair afterward).  It’s really challenging, and I feel like this particular workout did a great job of hitting all the major muscles in my entire upper body.  I could feel it in my chest and upper back as well as my arms.  Also, the Tabata-style timing definitely made this workout go from “nice and tough” to “pretty brutal.”

You can follow along with the video below or check it out to see how the timing works and what the exercises look like before you take the breakdown with you.  And, of course, if you have any questions, just leave me a comment!

Upper Body Tabata Workout Breakdown - Pahla B Fitness

UPPER BODY TABATA | Brutal No Equipment 20 Minute Workout for ARMS, SHOULDERS, CHEST + ABS

Set your timer for Tabata intervals – 20 seconds and 10 seconds.  The ten seconds, however, is not a resting interval for this workout!  Do each pair of exercises (#1 for 20 seconds, #2 for 10 seconds) 8 times in a row without rest.  Then take 30 seconds of rest before starting the next pair.

In the follow along video, I include a very brief warm up of arm circles and arm crossers and a short cool down stretch at the end.

  • Pushups + Pike Hold
  • I, Y, W, Parade Rest + Left Side Plank Hold
  • Diamond Pushups + Right Side Plank Hold
  • Up ‘n Downs + Plank Hold

(It doesn’t look like much, does it?  And the whole workout’s only like 18 minutes long.  But don’t be fooled – this one was hard!)

Can’t see the video below?  Click here to watch it on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/FJikIgbhwVE


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