Knee-Friendly Cardio Workout - Low Impact - Walking with Weights

25 Minute WALKING with WEIGHTS, Knee Friendly Cardio Toning with Light Dumbbells Workout

Here's The Scoop

Don't feel like squatting? You don't have to! This LOW IMPACT, knee-friendly (no squatting!) WALKING with WEIGHTS cardio toning workout is just for you.

All the Details

Don’t feel like squatting? You don’t have to! This knee-friendly (no squatting!) WALKING with WEIGHTS cardio toning workout is just for you.

Here are the FAST FACTS: Level TWO | ALL standing, NO jumping, NO squats | LIGHT dumbbells | BURN 200 – 250 calories

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Walking with weights - knee-friendly cardio with Pahla B

We’re working in fast-paced intervals to keep your heart pumping and your mind engaged. Plus there’s no repeating any exercises, so each new interval gets you one step closer to the finish!

Here are all the ways you’ll WIN with this knee-friendly workout routine:

⭐ It’s JOINT FRIENDLY – gentle, low impact exercises are great for building the muscles that surround your knee without the strain of squats
⭐ It’s great for HEART HEALTH – the non-stop moderate heart rate increases your cardio endurance and your lifespan
⭐ It builds BONE STRENGTH – load-bearing exercise increases bone density
⭐ It’s MUSCLE TONING – walking with light dumbbells builds beautiful long, lean muscles
⭐ It’s perfect for WEIGHT LOSS – with a moderate effort and a burn of about 250 calories, this great workout fits right into your daily routine

This Thorough Thursday workout has no jumping, no squats and no transitions to the ground. Includes a warm up and cool down!

Check out the list of exercises below, then follow along with me in real time with the full length video.

Can’t see the workout? Click here to watch it on YouTube:

Arm Circles + High Knees
Arm Crossers + Booty Kickers
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45 second intervals, alternating between WALKING + the LOW IMPACT toning exercises below

Sidestep with Biceps Curls
Walking Stars
Windmill Reach with Press Ups
High Knee Twist
Punch Punch Kick
Reach Across
Forward Hinge Arm Flappers
Push Push Crunch
Drinky Bird Jacks
Big Arm Side Shuffles
Peek a Boo Tapbacks
Ding Dongs
Booty Kicker Elbow Swings

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