Let’s be Weight Loss 🐝FFs

Can you feel it?  Today’s the day, my friend!

What day, exactly?

The day you start losing weight for the last time.  Ever.  Because you’re going to be so successful, so confident and so happy that you’ll never need to “reset” or start over or “get back on track” ever again.

Today is the day when you figure it out for the last time.  When you let go of excuses and allow yourself to dream big about what you can do with your life when the scale isn’t holding you back.

Today is the day when we (you and me!) become weight loss BFFs.

Because, oh, yeah… did I mention that the way you’re going to make all this weight loss stuff happen is that I’m going to get alllllll up in your business?


Well, let me mention it now.

Weight Loss BFFs


I’m kind of magic, honestly.  (Except that it’s not really magic at all, it’s simply good old fashioned biology.)  I keep you honest to yourself, I remind you how awesome you are, I help you stay consistent (which is the real magic!), I answer your questions, and I chat with you every. single. day. about your calories, your workouts, your weight and your goals.

Like, for real, all up in your business.


There’s this lovely thing called accountability, and even though we are all 100% capable of being accountable to ourselves, it’s like a million times easier (and more compelling!) to be accountable to somebody else.

I’m the somebody else in this scenario, and thank goodness for that, because I also know a thing or two about metabolism, creating healthy habits, biology, physiology, weight loss and exercise.  So I’m a really, really good accountability partner.

Also?  I mean, I hate to be gauche, but there’s actually been studies done on the difference between free accountability and the kind you pay for, and the results are clear:  plunking down some cold, hard cash makes you even more accountable and far more likely to succeed!  Psychologically speaking, money attaches value to the advice and service you get and makes you significantly more likely to follow through (which feels like getting your value back).  So, in a really lovely win-win way, my business = your weight loss success.


Can I tell you something?  The program is so ridiculously simple, it’s almost embarrassing.  But here’s the thing:  IT WORKS.  I mean, it works every time.  On every body.  Because it’s the way all of our bodies work!

Step One:  We figure out how many calories you need to be eating to lose weight.  And, by “we,” I mean that you tell me your age, your current weight and your height, and I do the calculations.  And, by “calculations,” I mean that I Google “weight loss calorie calculators” and compare about six or seven of them to get the right number of calories.  (Yes, you could absolutely do this yourself.)

Step Two:  You eat that number of calories every single day.  Yes, really.  Every. Single. Day.  (Yes, you could absolutely do this yourself, too.  In fact, you kind of do, even when we’re weight loss BFFs, because I’m eating my own calories.  Ha!)

Step Three:  You check in with me every morning and/or every evening with your daily calorie intake, daily exercise and daily weigh-in.  Every. Single. Day.  (Yes, once again, you could absolutely keep track of these numbers yourself!)

Step Four:  You lose weight.  (Yep.  All you, again!)



You don’t.


Maybe you do.  I mean, honestly, if you’ve read this far, there’s obviously something in this chain of events that’s giving you trouble.  For some of us, it’s overthinking every little decision.  For some of us it’s consistency.  For some of us, it’s that we’re not getting enough support or encouragement, or that we’re not confident enough in the process to keep going when it gets tough, or that we’re not sure about the best exercises, or the best foods or the right amount of water and we really just want somebody else to TELL US WHAT TO DO to make it all better.

That’s what I do.

All of it (and more!), and as much or as little as you need.

I’m your BFF on this adventure and I have all the confidence, the willpower, the scientific answers and the “YAY, let’s GO!” cheerleader spirit you need to be more successful than you’ve ever been before.

You do NOT need to eat super healthy foods.

You do NOT need to exercise for hours at a time.

You do NOT need to follow some crazy method of eating at certain times or in certain combinations or eliminating entire food groups.

Maybe, you just need a BFF to hold your hand and remind you that consistency will get you everywhere you want to go.


I’m really glad you asked, because I’m really excited to get started WITH you!  Email me – yes, really, just good ol’ email – using the form below and we’ll set up a time to chat on the phone and decide if this is the best thing ever, or the totally best thing ever.


Enough to feel like an investment, but not so much that you can’t buy new clothes when you lose all that weight:  $497 gets you lifetime access to the super-secret Facebook group (where I have monthly “Ask Me Anything” live sessions, other video resources, and a small, intimate group of other weight loss BFFs who know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes), as well as daily access to me for as long as you need me.

Yes, really.

Every day.

As long as you need me.

This is a one-time payment that covers it all – if you’ve got five pounds to lose, this is kind of expensive, but once you start dollar-cost averaging anything else, this is actually kind of a smokin’ deal.


Well, to be brutally honest, sometimes you will hate it, even if you love it.  Ya know?  But, if you really can’t stand the program or need to back out for whatever reason, I have a 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee.  You’ll note that this isn’t a weight loss guarantee, but a satisfaction one.  I know you’ll lose weight when you’re super consistent and follow the program, but that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be satisfied, and I get that.  I can be a jerk sometimes (ask my kids!), but I’m not going to be a jerk about this.  Let me know, and I’ll return your money and lovingly remove you from the Facebook group.  No hard feelings!


Girl, me, too.  Ask away!  You can use that form up above and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


I’m not a doctor, a psychologist, nor a nutritionist.  I will not tell you what to eat, only how many calories.  You can – and should! – familiarize yourself with healthy eating and exercise habits.  If you have a history of disordered eating or body image, have had weight loss surgery, or are currently under the care of a doctor for other ongoing medical issues that affect your metabolism, this program might not be a good fit for you.

I do NOT guarantee results, because I can’t do the work for you.

But YOU can.  ðŸ’›ðŸ’›ðŸ’›

🐝 Let's B Friends! 🐝

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