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Weight Loss Over 50 WITHOUT Keto

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Wanna know how YOU can lose 65 pounds in one year without keto? I’ve got you covered - let’s go!

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Beautiful Bs, around here we are all about making peace with your menopausal body by finding a healthy weight and moving in ways that feel like self love. And sometimes eating restrictive diets like keto DOESN’T feel like self love.

How to Lose Weight Over 50 Without Keto - Women eating and enjoying life without keto

Have you noticed that weight loss is different, now that we’re in our 50s? Like, we used to be able to do that thing where you would “eat less and move more” and – okay, maybe it wasn’t EASY, but it also wasn’t exactly HARD.
But now, the harder you work and the less you eat, the more you seem to be… gaining weight?

Yeah, that’s an actual thing, and it’s actually just BIOLOGY.

Here in Menopause-Land, with dwindling or non-existent estrogen, our bodies are reacting differently to the things we used to do (and that used to work) when we were younger. So that means that now we need to do something different to get the weight loss results we’re looking for.

You may have heard that eating a ketogenic diet is the way to get the results you want. As I’ve said before, I am diet agnostic, meaning I don’t recommend or discourage a specific diet if it makes you feel good and you enjoy it.

But many women over 50 I’ve worked with either find the keto diet barely palatable, too strict, or the initial results they see from it aren’t sustainable and end up quickly reversed.

But is it possible to lose weight over 50 without adopting a keto or low-carb diet? Absolutely. In fact, we need to do FIVE THINGS every day in order to lose 65 pounds this year – because make no mistake, my friend, you can achieve your goal weight at any age.

Here’s How to Lose Five Pounds IN Four Weeks Without Keto

1. Every single day, we’re going to eat the RIGHT number of calories, which is not necessarily less than you were eating before. In fact, for lots of women, it’s more!

Drink enough water to lose weight over 50

2. Every single day, we’re going to drink the RIGHT amount of water, which is half your body weight in pounds, in ounces of water. So, for example, if you weigh 180 pounds, you’ll drink 90 ounces of water.

Drink enough water to lose weight over 50

3. Every single day, we’re going to get the RIGHT amount of sleep, which means that we’ll go to bed at the same time every night, and get up at the same time every morning, and stop worrying about how much of the time in between was actually spent asleep.

Drink enough water to lose weight over 50

4. Every single day, we’re going to exercise MODERATELY, which is probably not more than you’ve been doing, and could in fact be a whole lot less!

manage mindset to lose weight over 50

5. And most important of all, every day we’re going to manage our minds, by finding our thoughts and deciding if they’re helpful.

“But wait a second, Pahla B,” you might be asking yourself right about now, “how can you guarantee that I’ll lose 65 pounds this year?”

My friend, I can’t, because your body’s gonna do what your body’s gonna do.

But here’s what I do know, and why I’m sharing these exact weight loss tools with you: even if you only lose five pounds this year, it’s five pounds that you’ll never have to lose again. When you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable, enjoyable way that is founded on treating yourself with love and respect, you’ll stick with it as long as it takes.

And I’m here to help!

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