What happens AFTER you lose weight or run a marathon or meet your big goal

What happens AFTER you lose weight? (Or run a marathon or meet your awesome, epic goal…)

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve met (or are about to meet) your BIG GOAL! But… ummm… now what? There are so many people who want to talk to you about how to set your goals, how to get your goals, how to CRUSH your goals!

But afterward?

That’s a whole ‘nuther story, and how you handle the “after” is super important, too!

So, let’s talk about it, while we’re going for a 20 minute WALK + RUN with one minute intervals (that you’re welcome to use any way you please).

The FAST FACTS for this workout:Β Β Level TWO | 1 minute intervals | 1.5 miles, 3200 steps | 200 calories

What happens AFTER you lose weight_ (Or run a marathon or meet your awesome, epic goal...) FREE Home Workout on YouTube from Pahla B Fitness

Here’s what I’ve learned about what it feels like AFTER meeting your (weight loss, running, fitness, business, personal or any other) goal:

πŸ‘‰ There’s ALWAYS a “let down” feeling
πŸ‘‰ You gotta embrace the down time, and
πŸ‘‰ THIS is what you need to do next (have you done it already?)

Download the audio-only podcast from SoundCloud or iTunes to take this workout with you on the go, or follow along with the full-length video below:

Can’t see the workout?Β  Click here to watch it on YouTube:Β Β https://youtu.be/5VqKcHlctMM

πŸ˜… WARM UP: https://youtu.be/8HVt4xF8tns
πŸ˜… FINISHER: https://youtu.be/drCitGWE1SE
πŸ˜… SUGGESTED STACKER: https://youtu.be/egQ31TTU2c4
πŸ˜… COOL DOWN: https://youtu.be/V2CTHi7R6Pc

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