New and Improved Workout Programs for 2019 from Pahla B Fitness

NEW (and improved!) Workout Programs for 2019

My friends, I could not possibly be more excited to announce that I have finally (finally!) updated and improved all of the older Killer B workout programs!  Just in time for YOU to get ready to smash all of your fitness goals in the new year.

Wanna get fit without jumping?  I’ve got you covered.

Thinking about running your first 5k or 10k?  There are plans for both!

Dreaming of sculpting sleek muscles?  Killer B, I’m here to help.

Based on your much-appreciated feedback, these are some of the general changes I’ve made:

  • Reduced the length to super-manageable chunks of time – 6 or 8 weeks instead of 12 or 14
  • Made the levels more clear and more consistent – the programs are color-coded so you know at a glance if it’s too easy or too tough for you (more on this in a second)
  • Bridged the gap between the Level ONE program and everything else with a brand new Level TWO program, Simple Solutions

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So, lemme give you the breakdown of each program individually, with what got changed and what stayed the same:

(Level 1) 30 Day NO JUMPING Jump Start

This is one of my newest programs, so the changes are only cosmetic.  The addition of the CORAL-colored stripe across the top clearly identifies it as a Level ONE program with NO jumping and NO equipment needed.  Level ONE also means that there are NO transitions to the ground and the workouts are all less than 20 minutes long!  Buy your copy now.

30 Day NO JUMPING Jump Start Level ONE Workout Program

(Level 2)  12 Weeks to Your First 5k

My very first workout program (*sentimental sniff*) got a much-needed overhaul, both cosmetically and athletically.  The LIGHT BLUE stripe means that this is a Level TWO program, designed for new runners with little to no experience, who want to go from walking to running a 5k (3.1 miles).  The self-directed outdoor running program is essentially the same as I originally planned it, but the indoor core-strengthening workouts have been completely updated with shorter, simpler routines more suitable for newer exercisers.  Not coincidentally, they’re the exact same workouts you’ll find in the Learn to RUN at HOME program (see below).  Buy this program now.

12 Weeks to your FIRST 5k Level TWO Workout Program

(Level 2)  Learn to RUN at HOME

Another recently made program, the only change here was visual.  The LIGHT BLUE stripe lets you know that this is a Level TWO program, meant to help you go from 15 minutes of walking to 30 minutes of sustained running with ALL INDOOR workouts.  Buy the program here.

Learn to RUN at HOME 12 Week Level TWO Indoor Walking and Running Workout Program

(Level 2) SIMPLE Solutions for NEW Bs

This is a brand new program, designed for brand new Bs!  The LIGHT BLUE stripe at the top clarifies that this Level TWO program uses quick 20-30 minute workouts with NO jumping and NO transitions up and down to the ground.  The workouts are all standing, all seated, or all on the floor and use only your bodyweight or a pair of dumbbells.  Perfect for Bs who have “graduated” from the 30 Day NO JUMPING Jump Start, but aren’t ready for anything too crazy.  Buy it now.

SIMPLE SOLUTIONS Level TWO 6 week plan for new exercisers

(Level 3)  BUSY BEE Workout Plan

I didn’t think I would change much about this program, but I totally did!  With fewer equipment requirements (dumbbells and kettlebell only!) and doing away with the once-a-week “long” workout, this completely updated program is every bit as quick and easy-to-use as a busy B needs.  The BRIGHT PURPLE stripe at the top of the cover lets you know that this is a Level THREE program, so it includes some jumping and some transitions to the ground.  These workouts are challenging, but they’re all under 20 minutes!  Buy it here.

BUSY BEE Level THREE Workout Plan

(Level 3)  Killer CORE for Runners (formerly Faster Running in 14 weeks)

This program got such a major overhaul that I had to change the name, too!  It is almost entirely different from its previous version, and honestly, the results might be even better.  There’s a BRIGHT PURPLE stripe at the top, so you know it’s a Level THREE program, with jumping, transitions to the ground, and lots of sweat!  But?  The workouts are super short, just 10 minutes each!  You don’t need an hour’s worth of strength training to run faster, stronger and injury-freeBuy it now.

KILLER CORE for Runners Level THREE 8-week Workout Plan

(Level 3) The Killer B Guide to YOUR Killer Body

Another sentimental oldie!  This sweet ol’ program suffered from an identity crisis (Is it easy?  Is it hard?  It was BOTH – yikes!) that I’ve resolved with a near-total update.  Aimed directly at Level THREE (see that BRIGHT PURPLE stripe?) exercisers who like to work out, but maybe aren’t great at consistency, these 20-30 minute workouts are the perfect blend of cardio, HIIT, strength training and recovery to help you finally see some results.  There will be jumping and there will be transitions to the ground, but you’ll only need a set of dumbbells to get yourself going.  Buy it now.

The Killer B Guide to YOUR Killer Body Level THREE Workout Plan

(Level 4)  FIRST TIMERS 10k Running + Workout Plan

This is my most recent program, so the only change here was cosmetic – the addition of the HOT PINK stripe at the top, letting you know that this Level FOUR program means business!  Running a 10k is not for newbies, but it could definitely be for YOU with this self-directed outdoor running and core-strengthening program.  Buy it now.

FIRST TIMERS 10k Level FOUR Running and Strength Program

(Level 4) High Intensity, LOW IMPACT Workout Plan (formerly 14 week Low Impact Workout Guide)

Another total overhaul, and I think the new name really says it all here.  This Level FOUR (HOT PINK stripe!) program is super challenging!  Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that low impact (no jumping) means low intensity, because these workouts, arranged for maximum body-shaping results with a tough blend of cardio, strength training, HIIT and MetCon, will prove you wrong.  There is no jumping, as the name implies, and you will only need dumbbells and a kettlebell, but Killer B… you’ve been warned.  Buy it now.

High Intensity LOW IMPACT Level FOUR Training Plan

(Level 4)  Serious Sweat

This program didn’t need a lot of changes, but the ones I made?  Made it harder.  😅 Serious Sweat is seriously sweaty, a Level FOUR (literally everything on the cover is HOT PINK, you can’t miss it!) program that will challenge you in every way.  Built on the same platform as High Intensity, LOW IMPACT (they share a lot of workouts in common), the goal of this program is to show you just how much further you can push your fitness limits.  The 30-45 minute workouts have jumping, transitions to the ground and words like “brutal” or “ultimate” in their titles.  Buy it here.

SERIOUS SWEAT Level FOUR Workout Program

(Level 5)  MAX Muscle (formerly BOSS Level)

I didn’t want to change this one, and yet…  it was begging for a re-do!  With a clearer purpose and more consistently difficult (I know, right?) workouts, this new version is a Level FIVE (check out that BOLD RED stripe across the top) strength-lover’s dream.  I’ve eliminated the extraneous cardio and pared the workouts down to all strength, all the time so you can get the muscle-building results you’re looking for.  The 40-50 minute workouts (many days you’re doing 2, 3, or even 4 videos!) are meant to challenge you both mentally and physically, to push beyond your limits and realize your full potential.  Buy it here.

MAX Muscle 6 Week Level FIVE Strength Cycle

Killer Bs, I want to help you meet ALL of your fitness goals in 2019, and that’s why I’m offering you $5 off ANY of these (all of these!) programs throughout the year!  Use the code 2019START5 at checkout for your discount, and HAPPY SWEATING!

Cheers to setting and smashing your goals,