Ep. 086: Trouble SLEEPING ???? The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B

Ep. 086: Trouble SLEEPING 🎧 The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B

Do you have TROUBLE SLEEPING?  It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep😴 is one of the best things we can do for our health and weight loss. But how can you help yourself if you wrestle with this nightmarish🧟‍♀️ issue?

In today’s episode of the Fitness Matters podcast, I’m not just sharing “tips and tricks” for addressing sleep concerns, but getting to the REAL HEART💛 of the matter. (And you might be surprised to hear what it is!)

We’re chatting about my cat Rosy😼, what I myself do that’s weirdly helpful, and the ONE THING that can change everything for you and your sleep.

Put your feet up🛌 and join me now as we discuss the stuff that dreams are made of 💤!  Let’s GO!

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